El Subte esta vivo.
The subway is alive.
It inhales. It exhales. It beats.
It shivers. It speaks.
You can feel it in the air:
The omni-present vibration of life.

It starts above ground, as you walk closer to the stairway. The smell, temperature, and moisture of the air begin to change. The pattern of people tightens. When you hit the first landing, everything is different. Sounds echo. The air, charged with electricity, rushes past you with the ferocity of a thunderstorm. A disorientating chaos builds and surrounds, threatening to throw you off balance.

Yet, if you follow your instincts, a sense of order will emerge and direct you, as if a hidden pattern keeps everyone and every train moving forward on time.

It is that hidden calm which I aimed my camera towards. I searched out the quiet, solitary moment of inner peace in an environment charged with energy. In every-day moments, I sought out reflections of something universal.

What I found in my curiosity, are the true porteños: the people who keep Buenos Aires breathing. Some find their day job below ground, others scrape together a meager living begging, entertaining, and selling their wares. Most, however, are simply heading towards a destination.

These are the quiet moments of people living day to day in a city beneath a city.